How it all started...


when my oldest son was born, i left my corporate job to become a full time stay at home dad.  spending all day with little ones can be both rewarding and stressful.  i searched for a hobby that would allow me to release stress after a long day.  it was very important to me that the skill i would develop was something that i could pass along to my boys. i came across woodturning and instantly developed a deep passion for the trade.  

what i find most FASCINATING about woodturning, is how a piece of wood can be transformed into a work of art with delicate carving as it spins at roughly 3000 rpms.    as a self taught woodturner, i relied on the internet for my teachings and gained valuable skills that would serve my creative juices.  i quickly learned that woodturners need to have a certain finesse.  the first piece i turned, flew off the lathe and left a memorable dent in my garage door.  my next learning was that i needed to handle my gauges with care and not jam them in pieces while they spin.   i have since gone from turning bowls to stabilizing wood and working with resin.